Eating vegan really isn’t as hard as you think – why not just give it a go?


You could experiment by eating vegan for just six weeks, like the participants in the entertaining and award-winning documentary Vegucated.


You could compromise by eating vegan before 6pm, as advocated in the Number 1 New York Times Bestseller VB6


You could acclimatize by just eating vegan at home, where it’s easier to control your food choices.


You could start out by replacing just one animal product in your diet with a vegan version – swapping cow’s milk for soya, almond or rice milk, for example.


You could explore vegan food by eating one vegan meal a day, or eating vegan just one day a week.


Or you could tentatively dip your toe in the water by trying just one vegan recipe.


And take it from there…

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