Pink milk

This is so simple you can hardly call it a recipe – but it’s a two-stage process.. first you’ll need to follow the recipe for Beetroot Berry Juice Boost to make the beetroot-berry juice.

However, to save time and washing up I freeze the beetroot berry juice in ice-cube bags so that I can just take a few out to defrost whenever I need them.

Pink milk is not just for kids – because it’s made with fortified soya milk it’s a good source of B12 for adults too – but for a more grown-up variation try my Pink Protein Shake, which is perfect as a post-exercise treat.



20-50 ml beetroot-berry juice (there’s no need to be precise – if using juice you’ve frozen, allow 2-3 cubes per serving)

200 ml of fortified soya milk, chilled.

A squeeze of agave syrup (optional)



1. Pour the beetroot-berry juice into the bottom of a glass.

2. Top up with fortified soya milk (or your preferred non-dairy milk).

3. Give it a quick stir, taste to see if it’s sweet enough, and add a little squeeze of agave syrup, if required.

4. Serve with a drinking straw.




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