For the most part, the challenges of feeding vegan kids are no different from the challenges of feeding any kids:


How can we ensure that they eat a sufficient variety of foods and get all the nutrients they need?

How can we tempt them to try new tastes?

How can we influence them to make healthy choices?

How can we limit their intake of sugar/salt/colourings/artificial sweeteners without becoming a junk-food nazi?

How can we eat healthily and well on our limited budget?

How can we encourage them to eat enough, or not to waste food, without teaching them to ignore the feeling of being full?

How can we stop them over-eating without giving them hang-ups about their body image?

And how can we do all that whilst still ensuring that mealtimes don’t become a battleground?


Where I can, I’ll provide links to articles that offer answers to some of these questions – like the great article by Parenting Science’s Gwenn Dewar on picky eaters.


If it’s inspiration for tonight’s tea you’re after, browse my photos below and visit recipes to see some of the meals and snacks that my kids have enjoyed since going vegan.