What would you say to a child that was tormenting or killing an animal simply for pleasure?

Perhaps you think there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating animals, but isn’t it morally wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on an animal?

If we accept the moral imperative of not inflicting unnecessary suffering on sentient beings, the next question is what we consider “necessary”.

Vegans are living testimony to the fact that we do not need to eat animals, wear animals, or use animals for entertainment purposes. So when you eat or wear animals you do so, whether consciously or out of habit, for your pleasure, amusement or convenience.

Are pleasure, amusement or convenience morally justifiable reasons for inflicting suffering and death on another living creature?

If you think they are not, live what you believe. Go vegan.















If you’re thinking, “Well, you make a good point but going vegan seems a bit extreme, maybe I’ll just buy free-range in future”, consider this:




If you’re still unpersuaded:

  • watch this video, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, about farming practices:

(go on – I dare you! If you haven’t the stomach for it, maybe now’s a good time to try out some vegan recipes)




  • watch this interview with Professor Gary L. Francione which touches on why improving animal welfare standards is missing the point:



If you’re thinking “well, I take the point about meat and dairy, but surely eating eggs isn’t that bad”,