Entering Vegan Territory is for anyone exploring vegan food: new or would-be vegans wondering where to start, long-standing vegans stuck in a food rut, non-vegans wondering what on earth to cook for vegan friends or family, and vegan-curious omnivores attracted by the health or environmental benefits of cutting down on meat or dairy, or going completely plant-based….


My focus is on sharing simple ideas and recipes for delicious, nutritious plant-based food and inspiring new, healthier food habits.


Venturing into vegan territory may seem daunting, but if you dare to venture beyond the bounds of the food habits you grew up with, you will discover new ways of eating and preparing really, really good food, entirely animal-free.

Entering Vegan Territory is here to help you find your way around, show you the sights, share some sneaky shortcuts, and introduce you to such great food that you’ll never want to leave!


If you’re wondering why you might want to spend more time in vegan territory (or perhaps even take up residency) see Why eat vegan?


Happy Vegan Feet


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