Very much a work in progress, this page is intended as an aide-memoire and lists the foods that have proved most popular with my mostly vegan kids and their mostly non-vegan friends. Of course, just because it’s vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for them, but I hope this list demonstrates that there are plenty of things vegan kids can eat and enjoy so that they don’t have to feel like they’re missing out, and you never have to coax and cajole them into eating a plate full of lentils.


Meals popular with vegan kids:

Pasta, peas & vegan pesto

Jacket potato & baked beans

Baked beans, broccoli & chips

Birdseye vegetable fingers, potato waffles, and mixed vegetables.

Bung-it-in bean burgers (with hidden veg)

Cream of Tomato Soup & bread

Easy vegan pizza

Fry’s chicken-style nuggets, chips & peas

Kids’ curry & naan

Roast potatoes, vegetables, Linda McCartney sausages and gravy.

Sesame-sprinked potatoes with baked beans and broccoli.

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry

Tomato & Sweetcorn pasta

Tofu & Mixed Veg Stir Fry (with garlic and soy sauce).

Vegan Sausage Casserole


Snacks popular with vegan kids:

Fresh fruit – grapes, strawberries, apple, banana, clementines, kiwi, peach or melon always seem to go down well.

Cucumber or carrot sticks – with or without hummus to dip them in.

Apple slices or cucumber sticks with peanut butter to dip them in.

Cherry tomatoes

Homemade popcorn

Hummus and toast “soldiers”

Dried apricots

Pecans & raisins

Unsalted cashews

Unsalted pistachios

Crispy Kale ‘Chips’


Cakes & desserts popular with vegan kids:

Raspberry traybake

Heavenly Chocolate Traybake

Strawberry victoria sponge

Heavenly lemon drizzle

Autumn apple cake

Jam tarts

Soya yoghurt

Banana & Alpro custard

Strawberries & Alpro or Oatly single cream

Swedish Glace icecream

Fruit salad


Products popular with vegan kids:

New York Bakery Co. Bagels – including plain, sesame, or cinnamon & raisin

Crumpets (Warburtons, Sunblest, Co-op own brand… check the label but most are suitable)

Baked Beans

Linda McCartney sausages

Linda McCartney sausage rolls

Birdseye potato waffles

Birdseye vegetable fingers (supermarket own-brand versions may not be vegan so do check)

Fry’s schnitzel

Fry’s traditional burgers – not as cheap as homemade burgers but universally popular even with non-vegan kids.

Fry’s chicken-style nuggets

Swedish glace – a non-dairy icecream available in vanilla, raspberry, chocolate or neapolitian

Strawberry- or chocolate-flavoured non-dairy milks – Alpro do a flavoured soya milk and Kokos make a coconut-based version)

Vanilla-flavoured creamy soya desserts – though beware, these contain the natural colour annatto which is on the list of additives that the Hyperactive Children Support Group advise can cause problems for some children.

Pringles original (the red packet – and some other flavours – Pringles tubes have two little check boxes on the label next to the words “vegan” and “vegetarian” – just make sure that the little box next the word “vegan” has a tick in it)

Co-op jam or custard doughnuts – yes, the custard ones are vegan too. Doughnut from other companies may not be vegan, so please check.

Jammy Dodgers (original – though these do carry a “may contain milk” warning as they’re made in a factory where dairy is used, so check with the child’s parents that they’re happy with that, especially if there is a risk  of allergies).

Jam tarts (check the label, but many are suitable for vegans)

Foxes’ Party Rings.