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Fruity Fridge Porridge (aka Overnight Oats) with Chia seeds

This is our current favourite breakfast – it’s quick, delicious, and nutritious, and if you make it in a secure container (a Kilner jar or a Lock&Lock style plastic tub) its a great one for camping or for eating out … Continued

Beetroot-Berry Pink Protein Shake

“But where do you get your protein?” is often the first thing non-vegans want to know. It’s a concern that is generally misplaced, that stems from the misguided but widely held belief, deeply entrenched in mainstream Western cultures, that protein = … Continued

Breakfast & Brunch

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Wondering what vegans eat for breakfast? Stuck in a rut and looking for inspiration? Browse my breakfast gallery to see what we eat in our house. Shreddies, and Oatibix or Weetabix are all vegan-friendly and relatively low sugar, while Shredded Wheat have no added … Continued