Beetroot-Berry Juice Boost

I love this juice by itself as low-calorie liquid lunch, but I also use it to make Pink Milk and my Pink Protein Shake – freeze it in ice cube bags and you’ll always have some on hand.

You’ll need a juicer – I use the juice extractor attachment on my Kenwood chef which can handle beetroot and apples whole, or perhaps cut in half if they’re quite big, but if your model needs to be fed smaller pieces then take this into account.



1 beetroot, cut in half if your juicer requires

2 apples, cut in half if your juicer requires

1 large handful of strawberries and/or raspberries, washed

1 carrot (optional)

10 cm stick of cucumber (optional)

Fresh ginger (optional), cut off a chunk about 2 cm thick.



1. Pop one of the apples into the feeder tube of your juicer, follow with the beetroot, berries and other ingredients, and finish with the remaining apple.

2. Pour over ice and serve with a straw, or use this as the basis for making Pink Milk or Pink Protein Shake.


Notes: If you’re making this to drink for lunch, be generous with the ginger and include the cucumber and carrot. If you’re making this for kids or for use in pink milk, leave out the ginger and be generous with the berries.



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